Limited Angle Torque Motors

With high torque-to-mass ratio and simple control methods, Limited Angle Torque Motors (LAT’s) or Rotary Switches are ideal for high-response precision control systems with limited angular range.

Cogless Direct Drive Motors

Space Rated Cog-less and Conventional Direct Drive Motors are ideal for precision applications where large through bore must be maximized, torque ripple disturbances must be minimized or the drive configuration does not allow for a geared actuator.

Brushless DC Motors

Housed Brushless DC Motors are much more efficient and capable of driving high load inertias, compared to Stepper Motor Actuators.

Stepper Motors

With high torque-to-mass ratio and simple control methods, stepper motors are the motor of choice for many incremental control applications in the space industry.

Control Electronics

Honeybee Robotics has developed and qualified a range of controllers to support our spectrum of actuators and mechanisms.


In partnership with Avior, Honeybee offers a complete set of high-performance, high-reliability motion control components for in-space servicing applications.

Sample Collection, Processing & Analysis

Honeybee Robotics’ geotechnical work focuses on the entire sample acquisition and analysis chain.

Geotechnical Tools

Honeybee Robotics’ uses our knowledge in the mining and oil & gas industries along with our expertise in space system to develop novel systems for solving problems on Earth.

Sample Collection and Transfer

Honeybee Robotics Exploration Systems has enabled the space community to be able to collect a sample and deliver it directly to instruments.

Geotechnical Systems

Honeybee Robotics Exploration Systems has developed a range of geotechnical tools for space applications.