Honeybee Robotics and mPower Technology Chosen to Design Lunar Charging Station for NASA

Honeybee Robotics, Inc., a passionate leader in technology and product development for advanced robotic and spacecraft systems, and innovative solar company, mPower Technology, Inc., announced today that the companies have been selected to provide an innovative lunar charging solution for NASA.

Dragonfly Selected as NASA’s next New Frontiers Mission

Honeybee Robotics is developing a sample acquisition and delivery system for Dragonfly, NASA’s next New Frontiers mission, led by Principal Investigator Elizabeth Turtle of the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory. Dragonfly is a rotorcraft lander that will explore Saturn’s large moon Titan. The sampling system called DrACO (Drill for Acquisition of Complex Organics) will extract material from Titan’s surface and deliver it to DraMS (Dragonfly Mass Spectrometer, provided by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center).