Exploration Systems
Exploration Systems

Honeybee Robotics Exploration Systems is developing space mining robots to meet two exploration goals: Touch Life and Mine the Sky. We develop mining systems to dig, collect, process and transfer samples for in-situ analysis or sample return missions. We also develop mining systems to extract valuable resources, such as water, for so called In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) missions. Our work spans concept generation, basic research, system design, build, test and mission operations. Our staff and facilities enable the flexibility to work at each of these levels of development. We travel to the remote corners of the Earth to subject our hardware to the limits. We are a fast paced environment, able to successfully go from TRL 1 to 9 in a highly compressed schedule. And we have a lot of fun doing it.

Solving the Most Complex Problems

Honeybee Robotics is AS9100 certified, NASA-approved flight hardware supplier with extensive experience in flexible automation technologies, custom mechanisms, spacecraft electro-mechanical components, and robotic systems and subsystems for the aerospace industry. In addition to our NASA and DOD sponsored R&D, Honeybee also has a legacy of product development for private industry and public utility clients.

We have managed projects from small research and development efforts under the SBIR program to larger efforts funded by various NASA ROSES programs and multi-million-dollar flight development efforts such as the Mars Exploration Rovers (MER) Rock Abrasion Tool, Icy Soil Acquisition Device (ISAD) for the Mars Phoenix Lander, and Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) Sample Manipulation System (SMS) for the Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) instrument suite.

Our large and versatile engineering team include mechanical, electrical, and software engineers who are fluent in design, modeling, and analysis, but are equally comfortable with hands-on assembly, debug, rework, test, flight hardware assembly, and mission support. We have long-term relationships with a number of expert consultants in select specialties, and our network of trusted suppliers and fabrication service providers ensures that we get the parts we need, when we need them.

Our current flight projects include avionics, actuators, electro-mechanical systems, robotic systems for NASA, NASA-JPL, JAXA, JHU APL and more.

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