About Us
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Advanced robotic systems for the worlds’ toughest environments

We are an R&D and Manufacturing engineering company that designs and builds unique solutions for our customers’ challenges, on Earth and in space. We make next-generation applications a reality through creative, collaborative engineering that combines the best minds with the best technology.

Our electromechanical systems enhance the user experience and extend capabilities beyond what’s currently possible.

Whether we’re your supplier or a development partner, we are deeply committed to delivering high-performance systems that exceed expectations.

unparalleled experience

A History of Performance

Since 1983, Honeybee has completed thousands of projects ranging from conceptual design studies to flight projects exploring other worlds.

Honeybee started working with NASA in 1986. Since then, we have continually built our capabilities to design and develop innovative, reliable systems for space and other tough environments here on Earth. Our steady, consistent work supporting planetary research has led to us supplying NASA with critical technologies for its last three Mars missions.

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In addition to offering commercial products, we offer a range of engineering and production services.

We also provide solutions across the full product development cycle: from early-stage feasibility studies, to designing and prototyping hardware and control systems, to production and validation.

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