Working with Us
our mission
Honeybee Robotics offers end-to-end hardware and software development services, from early-stage design to commercial production. Customers often come to us when off-the-shelf systems don’t exist, don’t perform well enough, or need to operate in extreme environments.
our vision
Over our 30-year history, Honeybee has combined engineering prowess with a customer-driven model that makes us one of the top partners for robotic systems and mechanisms development. We can design systems to exacting specifications, or translate our customers’ napkin-sketch concepts into reality. Take a look at our Products & Services.
unparalleled experience
We take pride in approaching every project with:
  • Responsiveness & strong client focus.
    We can turn on a dime as project needs evolve, and shift into high gear to meet tight deadlines. As a result, we respond to our customers’ needs quickly and reliably.
  • Emphasis on collaboration & teamwork.
    We’re interested in the best idea, not necessarily our idea. Collaboration with our partners and among our teams enables us to design elegant and robust solutions to formidable problems.
  • Ability to manage complex projects.
    We’ve executed multi-million dollar critical flight hardware projects and have a track record of developing solutions to some of the toughest engineering problems.