“The SAM project office has been extremely happy with the end-to-end effort and the final product received. I have served as COTR on many spaceflight components and spacecraft alike and can honestly say our relationship from the start has been very open and badgeless with mutual respect between the organizations. It has been my pleasure to work with such a young and talented team of engineers, technicians, and managers and would look forward to working with these individuals on future projects.”

Oren Sheinman,
Goddard Space Flight Center

“While contractors routinely talk about having a partnership instead of simply a contract with us, the only place that I have ever seen this work is with Honeybee Robotics. Honeybee’s commitment to excellence in quality and timeliness on the Phoenix project was exceeded only by their excellent dedication to cost and customer interaction, satisfaction and total teamwork.”

Barry Goldstein,
Phoenix Mission Project Manager,
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

“In early planning for the Mars Exploration Rovers, we didn’t know what the Rock Abrasion Tool was exactly but we knew what we wanted, and we knew Honeybee could make it.”

Steve Squyres,
Principal Investigator,
Mars Exploration Rover Mission

“The management and engineering staff at Honeybee Robotics have always been open to working closely together to develop the best technical solution to an engineering challenge.”

Senior Engineer,
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

“The positioning system design was innovative, going beyond the easy engineering solutions provided by two other efforts, resulting in a positioning system with less than 25% the mass and volume with nearly identical work envelope. The quality of construction was excellent.”

Robert Hafley,
Langley Research Center

“This company is very responsive and innovative, and quality of work is excellent.”

Robert Mueller,
The Chief of Surface Systems Office,
Kennedy Space Center