For Suppliers
For Suppliers

Honeybee Robotics takes pride in making high-performing products and technologies for our customer’s applications. Our suppliers play a critical role in our ability to provide quality and value. The following resources describe how your business can engage Honeybee.


Honeybee has documented a set of terms and conditions for subcontractors to support our mission. We rely on our contractor network to produce products and technologies that consistently meet or exceed requirements at reduced cost. Our standards include expectations for quality components, delivered in a timely fashion, following ethical business practices.

Quality Requirements

Honeybee engages suppliers that have demonstrated their capabilities and are committed to meet mutually agreed technical, quality, cost, schedule, and contractual requirements. We seek organizations with a documented quality management system, proven capabilities, and compliance with federal contracting requirements when applicable.

Document No. HBRQR001, Quality Requirements for Suppliers, Revision S – (22 August 2023)

Supplier Communication 8-9-2023 – (7 September 2023)

Terms and Conditions

Document No. HBRPUR-01, Purchase Order Terms and Conditions, Revision A – (01 September 2022)

Document No. HBRPUR-03, Consulting & Professional Services Terms and Conditions, Revision IR – (01 September 2022)


Document No. HBRPUR-01, Purchase Order Terms and Conditions, Revision IR – (12 August 2020)

Document No. HBRPUR-02, Applicable Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and FAR Supplement Clauses, Revision A – (21 July 2020)