Teamwork and Dedication

Honeybee’s culture is defined by teamwork and dedication to our customers. Our mission is to build robotic systems that help our customers perform better than ever. We strive to enable new capabilities in commercial space and exploration. Whether we contribute components or the entire system, we’re committed to delivering above expectations.

A History of Success

With a track record spanning more than 40 years, and the experience of hundreds of previous projects to draw from, Honeybee is experienced in creating successful products that will succeed in dynamic and challenging environments, on Earth, and in space.

Employee Experience
“We build groundbreaking (literally) technology in search for life beyond our world. Honeybee hardware is currently sitting on Mars, including the first hardware to ever touch the interior rock of Mars and the first hardware to find ice on Mars. The opportunity to go to Greenland to test our Mars Deep Drill technology is a testament to Honeybee’s willingness to give young engineers incredible opportunities! My career at Honeybee Robotics provides me the opportunity to work with and develop technology, as well as an incredible work culture across all our offices.”
– Joseph P., Mechanical Engineer
“At Honeybee Robotics you get to take ownership of your work, mistakes, are encouraged, as long as you own up to it and learn from it! I spent my days with awesome and competent co-workers. Every day feels like a new day with diverse responsibilities, tasks, and challenges to tackle. My career at Honeybee has allowed me to participate in mind-blowing projects –sending hardware to the Moon, Mars, and Titans!”
– Alexander W., Electrical Engineer
“One of my favorite parts about working for Honeybee Robotics, is that the company allows and encourages me to be my true authentic self! It is so refreshing to be able to be myself at work. We truly have amazing people that work for us and that is why we are able accomplish what we have thus far. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Honeybee as we continue to grow!”
– Jessica M., Human Resources Generalist
“Behind all of the marvels of engineering and wonders of innovation that we drive every day at Honeybee, it is important to remember this: We do what we do to support the quest to answer fundamental questions about our universe. So, beyond the knowledge and skills that you develop every day, it is crucial that you stoke the fires of your curiosity and develop a passion for exploration. On my first day, my manager and I were talking about what the job would be like, and we came to the following conclusion, You know you’re going to love your job when the average person mistakes it for science fiction. I think about that every day as I go to work designing parts of a nuclear-powered octo-drone that will fly on a moon of Saturn. How could I not love that?”
– Nathan J., Mechanical Engineer
COVID Relief

Honeybee Robotics is passionate about giving back to our community in a variety of ways. When the pandemic hit we came together as a company and worked on some of these initiatives.

Food Bank Donations – With the help of the EBI Foundation, we donated to local food banks in California, Colorado, and New York to help struggling families during the pandemic.

Mask Clips – Wearing surgical masks for more than 20 hours can hurt the back of one’s ears and can scar if they have sensitive skin. With Honeybee’s new laser cutter, we made roughly 10,000+ mask clips and distributed to essential workers at 9+ local hospitals. We collaborated with local colleges to produce more clips and who gained access to 3 additional laser cutters.

COVID Mask Project – The Universal Filter Cartridge is an injection molded attachment that convert snorkel masks into full face respirators compatible with any filtration media. COVID Mask Project is an open-source effort to provide designs, test results, and continued engineering support to any organization with the resources and drive to donate respirators at scale, such as