Since 1983, Honeybee has completed thousands of projects developing innovative robotics and mechanisms for NASA, the US Department of Defense, and commercial customers.

Honeybee was founded in 1983 by Steve Gorevan and Chris Chapman as a systems integrator using off-the-shelf robots. Our first offices were above a piano shop on the Lower East Side of New York City. Our early work included robotic arms, robot end-effectors, and smart task-oriented electromechanical systems for companies including IBM, Allied Signal, The Salk Institute, Merck, 3M, and Con Edison. We quickly gained a reputation for our innovative design skills and creative problem solving.

Honeybee received its first NASA contract in 1986. Since then, we have continually built our capabilities to design and develop innovative, reliable systems for space. We’re now among the premiere global suppliers of motion control solutions for spacecraft. Our steady, consistent work supporting planetary research has led to us supplying NASA with critical technologies for exploration platforms, including three Mars missions. And we continue to create new value-added technologies using our effective approach to product development.

Honeybee was acquired by Ensign-Bickford Industries in 2017, providing us with additional resources to grow our development and manufacturing capabilities. We operate from three offices — Brooklyn, NY, Longmont, CO and Altadena, CA — with facilities to assemble products in a Class-100 clean environment, and test them in chambers simulating the toughest environments, while attracting the finest engineering talent and remaining close to our customers in major innovation hubs.

Rocketstar Robotics was acquired by Ensign-Bickford Industries in 2012 and merged with Honeybee Robotics in 2019. Rocketstar was founded in 2002 by Douglas Petercsak originally as a consulting firm and provided consulting to JPL and Northrop Grumman Space Park. Mr. Petercsak holds a degree in mechanical engineering. He started his career in spacecraft mechanisms design in 1983 when he began working at RCA Astro Electronics in Princeton, New Jersey. In 1993 he was one of the founders of the American Technology Consortium (ATC), a small startup company dedicated to the design and manufacture of spacecraft mechanisms and actuators.  ATC supplied dozens of actuators to high profile programs including several Mars missions.

Avior Controls was acquired by Ensign-Bickford Industries in 2018 and merged with Honeybee Robotics in 2019. Avior Controls was founded in 2010 by Scott Starin with the charter to provide the highest performance, highest reliability motion-control components, coupled with world-class service and support. Avior is engaged in the design and manufacture of custom, highly reliable, and space-rated motors, gearboxes, dampers, transducers, and actuators for the space, aerospace, and down-hole industries.

Together, Honeybee engineers work collaboratively on agile, interdisciplinary teams to provide a full spectrum of expertise to our customers and partners. We’re passionate about what we do every day and it is this dedication to each other, and to the success of our customers, that enables Honeybee to thrive.