Our Services
Our Services

We offer our partners a complete range of engineering, consulting, production and test services. We take projects through the full product development cycle: from early-stage feasibility studies, to designing and prototyping hardware and control systems, to production and validation.

Systems Engineering and Feasibility Analysis

Our specialized knowledge coupled with rock-solid systems engineering expertise makes Honeybee ideally suited for early-stage design studies. Specific tasks often include application analysis, requirements definition, technology survey, preliminary design, and cost estimation.

Prototyping and Product Development

Honeybee builds advanced robotic systems to meet demanding challenges in tough environments. This process starts by addressing the technical hurdles and proving the viability of an approach with breadboards and proof-of-concept systems. Once the design shows merit, successive rounds of rapid prototyping can bring a high-performance robotic system to market (or to mission) quickly.

Environmental and Cycle Testing

When engineering dynamic, complex mechanical processes on other planets and moons, testing in a relevant environment is critical. Honeybee’s one-of-a-kind thermal-vacuum facilities, including our 11-foot Mars chamber, enable us to begin risk mitigation testing early in the development process. And the company’s decades of high-reliability system development experience have made us experts at designing and building specialized testbeds for electromechanical systems. From environmental simulation to diagnostic instrumentation and DAQ to subsystem fixturing to motion control and automation, we can provide enabling test and demonstration infrastructure, delivered to meet aggressive schedules.

Design Validation and Flight Qualification

If you’re looking to take develop a promising technology and develop a high-performance product, we can help. Our seasoned team is experienced in risk analysis and in the design, execution and documentation of test programs, including flight V&V for aerospace projects.

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