Applications for our Summer 2024 internship are no longer being accepted. Check back in September for Summer 2025 opportunities.

A summer internship at Honeybee Robotics provides a great opportunity to launch your career. Our internship program is a vital element in recruiting the best and brightest for full-time jobs at Honeybee and we often hire our interns after they complete school. Through challenging projects, mentorship and hands-on experience, our interns have an opportunity to gain valuable firsthand experience in the aerospace industry. As an intern, you’ll also be involved in networking events with our executives, career development opportunities and much more!

Intern Benefits

Honeybee provides our interns with benefits like:

• Competitive Compensation
• Housing & Transportation Stipend
• Rewarding, Project-Based Internship
• Career Discussions
• Formal Feedback
• Networking Events
• Multiple Interactions with Executive Leadership
“Given the situation due to COVID, I was still able to gain valuable skills and insight from Honeybee Robotics. Through this internship, I was able to get a glance into what it really means to be an engineer as well as how my passion for electronics can be utilized as a career. I hope to take the knowledge and experience that I gained here into my future projects!”
April I., University of Nebraska–Lincoln, Electrical Engineer Intern in Altadena, CA
“I’ve been interested in Honeybee Robotics since I came across their work in some of my research in a prior internship at JPL. With my prior knowledge about projects including PlanetVac and their involvement with the Mars Rovers, I was really excited to receive an internship offer. My experiences at JPL prepared me to have a successful experience as a mechanical intern at Honeybee. HBR is the perfect place to get your hands dirty building hardware for real projects with exciting applications. It’s a great learning environment and perform for anyone looking to cement skills learned in the classroom such as CAD, Mechanical designs, or systems engineering by applying them directly to their work. I’ve had the chance to work with people from a wide array of backgrounds and Honeybee- ranging from other USC graduates to engineers from JAXA and Mitsubishi Electric in Japan. My project is also a flight project, meaning it will launch in a few years which only adds excitement.”
Niko R., University of Southern California, Mechanical Engineer Intern in Altadena, CA
“The thing I really love about Honeybee Robotics is that you have to push for things, but that pushing is met with encouragement and support. IF you want something done and push for it, it’ll happen. The most satisfying thing about this summer was having a vision, whether it be for a software program, test support equipment, or my future career plans, talking it over with management, and being able to make it a reality. The environment is so motivating and all I want to do is give 150%. The people that I’ve interacted with have all been super friendly and personable, and my only regret from this summer is not being able to see what the office was like with everyone in it.”
David F., Cornell University, Mechanical Engineer Intern in Altadena, CA
“This past summer I worked with Honeybee Robotics spacecraft mechanisms corporation with the Motion Controls business unit in Longmont, CO as an Electrical Engineering intern. To say I learned a lot would be an understatement. The technical and non-technical skills I have picked up are extremely valuable to me, and in industry. I am more than thankful to the entire team at Honeybee and at EBI for making the transition from WFH to in-office seamless, and for their continued support throughout my 10 weeks at the company.”
Andrew H., University of Nebraska–Lincoln, Electrical Engineer Intern in Longmont, CO
Internship Majors

Honeybee Robotics offers internship opportunities in the following majors.

– Aerospace
– Computer
– Electrical
– Manufacturing
– Robotics
– Business Management
– Manufacturing Engineering
– Supply Chain
– Materials
– Finance
– Human Resources
– Marketing
Santoro Scholarship

Christopher Santoro was a friend, colleague, and continuous inspiration at Honeybee Robotics. His aptitude for electrical engineering was outmatched only by his appetite to solve the toughest problems. He motivated everyone at the company with his creativity, passion and excellence — not just as a systems engineer, but as a home-brew master, outdoor enthusiast, metalhead, bountiful gardener, and student of the world’s hottest Trinidad Scorpion chili pepper.

Though Chris passed away in 2015, his contributions to the company continue. He started as an intern in 2005 and quickly advanced to more senior positions, but always dedicated extra attention to supervising the interns who followed him. Everyone at Honeybee, including those of us who have gone on to other ventures, benefitted from his uniquely dogged approach and insights. In Chris’s honor, Honeybee Robotics has established a scholarship fund to support engineering students, especially those interested in robotics, and the company dedicating the first Santoro Scholarship for Robotics awards in 2015.