Honeybee Robotics to Develop LUNARSABER for DARPA’s LunA-10 Program

Honeybee Robotics, a leader in space exploration systems, is partnering with DARPA to develop and integrate its latest ISRU-enabling technology, LUNARSABER (Lunar Utility Navigation with Advanced Remote Sensing and Autonomous Beaming for Energy Redistribution).

P-35 Actuator

Honeybee offers the versatile P35 actuator for applications requiring higher output torque and stiffness than our smaller geared motors.

Honeybee Robotics on Blue Origin’s National Team to Develop Human Lunar Lander

Honeybee Robotics is contributing critical motion control systems and robotics to safely land and offload cargo on the surface of the Moon. Honeybee, owned by Blue Origin, provided NASA with surface operation technologies for its last three Mars missions and continues to provide integrated solutions to Artemis.

Honeybee Robotics to Open New Office in Greenbelt, MD

Honeybee Robotics, LLC, a leading provider of robotics technology and engineering services, is establishing a new office in Greenbelt, Maryland. Expected to open in April 2023, the facility will focus on program management and engineering development.

Honeybee Robotics Ships Phobos Mining System to JAXA

Honeybee Robotics provides a Pneumatic Sampler, or P-Sampler, to Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) for the Martian Moons eXploration (MMX) mission. The P-Sampler will capture surface material on Mars' moon, Phobos, and will make history as the first sample return mission of any Mars-related material.

Honeybee Robotics wins NASA contract for Mars Sample Return System

NASA selected Honeybee Robotics to design, fabricate, and deliver Spin Eject Mechanism (SEM) for the Mars Sample Return (MSR) mission.  The SEM restrains Earth Entry System or EES (conical-shaped capsule that re-enters Earth atmosphere with precious Mars rocks), during launch, cruise, and on-orbit operations around Mars.