Cogless Direct Drive Motors
Cogless Direct Drive Motors

Honeybee offers cogless brushless DC (BLDC) motors for applications requiring low torque disturbance or extremely precise rate control. Unlike the gearmotor products, these cogless motors are typically provided in a frameless configuration as a direct-drive solution. With its large throughbore, excellent thermal efficiency, and the highest continuous torque density in its class, Honeybee’s cogless motor represents the state-of-the-art in precision motion control. We tailor specific motor parameters such as diameter, stack length, pole count, and winding characteristics to meet each customer’s unique requirements.


Key Features:

    • Fully encapsulated windings for maximum thermal performance
    • Ultra-low torque ripple and top-of-class continuous torque density
    • Fully scalable diameters, axial lengths, through-bores, etc. Custom mounting options
    • Large through-bore rotor with temperature stable Samarium Cobalt magnets
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