Embedded Sensors and Analyzers
Embedded Sensors and Analyzers

Honeybee Robotics’ embedded sensors, embedded systems and analyzers benefit from our history as a systems integrator: we have extensive experience developing and integrating sensors for use outside the controlled environment of the lab. Our access to the latest in embedded systems technology enables us to develop a complete electromechanical solution that enhances and extends our customers’ capabilities.

Honeybee implements embedded systems and sensors to provide its robots with situational and environmental data that improves autonomy in complex, unstructured environments. Dedicated microcontrollers provide local machine intelligence, optimized to reduce volume and improve performance.

For space and exploration applications, our embedded sensors can serve to bring the instrument to the sample for effective in-situ analysis. In-drill sensors, for example, can measure the properties and composition of rock and ore formations without costly extraction.

An extensive network of collaborators and subcontractors ensures that we have access to specialized knowledge and facilities when we need them. And ongoing in-house research keeps us at the forefront of sensor technology for in-situ geotechnical and geochemical assessment, LIDAR, and more.

Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) is a powerful form of atomic emission spectroscopy. Used on the Mars Science Laboratory rover for planetary exploration, Honeybee is developing a system to deploy this technology in a down-hole application to improve exploration in the mining sector.

LIBS uses a laser pulse to excite molecules, and can detect elemental composition based on the emission spectra. By taking in-situ LIBS measurements for mining exploration or geotechnical analysis, Honeybee can help surveyors create a detailed map of the borehole stratigraphy. This technology can provide more information about the mineralogy of a formation earlier in the process, enhancing efforts to understand the strength, ore quality, and economic value of a given formation.

The Honeybee LIBS Analyzer is designed to provide true online element analysis for mining applications. The system integrates a non-contact sensor that can rapidly determine the elemental composition of unprepared geological samples. Developed in conjunction with a major mining concern, the analyzer promises to streamline grade control and exploration for a variety of natural resources. Our LIBS Analyzer is designed for deployment in the field. The ruggedized system has been tested in a harsh mining production environment. With high-speed autofocus capabilities, the Honeybee LIBS Analyzer tracks the surface of a rapidly changing sample stream for true online analysis.

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