Geotechnical Tools
Geotechnical Tools

Honeybee Robotics’ uses our knowledge in the mining and oil & gas industries along with our expertise in space system to develop novel systems for solving problems on Earth. We work with the mining and oil & gas companies to design the mines of the future thus making a more sustainable industry for all.

Honeybee Robotics’ Smart Blast Cone Sampler (SBCS), developed in conjunction with a major international mining concern, is a mobile semi-autonomous platform for acquiring and analyzing ore samples. The SBCS takes selective samples from the piles of cuttings (“cones”) produced during blast hole drilling, performing preliminary sample analysis in situ and containerizing representative subsamples for later laboratory analysis. The resulting data are invaluable for grade control and mine operations planning.

THUMPER is a fully autonomous Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) that requires a push of a button to perform geotechnical analysis of the surface. The data in terms of California Bearing Ratio (CBR) can be bluetoothed directly to a smart phone.

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