High-Reliability Motor Controller
High-Reliability Motor Controller

Honeybee’s High-Reliability Motor Controller is a flexible high-performance architecture designed to accommodate most high-end space applications. It uses NASA Level-2 parts and can be configured to interface with various components. The design has been qualified to GEO-level environments and has been in production since early 2018.

Some key features include…

    • FPGA-based design
    • Input Voltage: 22-34 VDC
    • Communication: Step/Dir/En or RS-422
    • Mass (incl Chassis): 1.11 kg
    • Motor:
      • 2 or 3 Phase Stepper Motor
      • Brushless DC
    • Feedback Sensors
      • Potentiometer
      • Optical Encoder
      • Hall Sensors
    • On-board & Motor Temperature Sensing
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