Honeybee Robotics Exploration Systems has extensive experience working with scientists to develop instruments for in-situ scientific analysis. We are able to use our process for developing complex sample handling systems to assist the science community in building the instrument to fulfill their needs and gain the most value from their data possible. We have numerous NASA and industry partners for developing the instruments of the future to enable a human presence in deep space.

Some examples of instruments or instrument components that Honeybee has developed are the Instrumented Bit for In-Situ Spectroscopy (IBISS) and Europa Lander instrument sample inlet ports.

IBISS is a novel system for in-situ, rapid analyses of planetary subsurface materials. Specifically, IBISS provides a rapid and unambiguous chemical/mineralogical characterization of subsurface materials by integrating an innovative, miniature LIBS (laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy) probe with a drill bit.

Honeybee is developing the sample inlet ports for the MICA, ELM, CIRS and EMILI instruments that could potentially fly on the Europa Lander to analyze surface sample from the icy moon of Jupiter, Europa. Each inlet port is individually developed to meet the specific needs of the instrument, which may include sealing, heating and/or liquidizing the sample inside the chamber.

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