Motion Control
Motion Control

The crucial role of motion control systems can hardly be overstated in today’s age of robotics, and when these systems operate in a space environment they represent the highest level of performance, quality and reliability. This is the world of Honeybee Robotics Motion Control. We design, develop and manufacture components and subsystems that move or control motion in space. For over 35 years Honeybee has built a reputation for developing innovative solutions that could not easily be found elsewhere. This capability has only improved with the development of certain core technologies, such as our solar array drive and power transfer technologies, and complimentary product lines such as the P-35 actuator and the Avior line of motion control components. Honeybee is now able to offer solutions at virtually every level of the motion control architecture – from individual motors and sensors to custom mechanisms to complex multi-axis subsystems. This level of vertical integration not only allows for a more efficient development path, it also provides a kind of toolbox of offerings from which to assemble the best possible solution.

Performance at Every Level

The technical challenges of operating in space are demanding. But nowadays more than ever, program, cost and schedule requirements are just as important. Honeybee Robotics recognizes this and has taken deliberate steps to ensure the success of every program. Our new state-of-the-art facilities bring key development and manufacturing resources under one roof.

A full-scale customized ERP system maintains consistent operation of all major business and operating systems across the organization. Our ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified processes and standards ensure the highest-quality products with the lowest possible risk. In the end, these critical investments allow us to do what we do best – they allow our operators to operate and our innovators to innovate.

We pride ourselves on a collaborative approach both internally and with our customers, understanding their needs and working together toward the right solution. We look forward to working with you.