The Avior line includes a set of complementary function devices for use in step verification or servo control systems.


Avior high-efficiency planetary gearing modules feature high grade materials, precision machining tolerances and fully preloaded ball bearing arrangements.

Linear Actuators

The Avior line of complementary components includes Linear Torque Modules (LTM’s) that convert the rotary motion of an Avior motor into reliable and accurate linear translation.

Multi-Axis Motor Controller

Honeybee’s controller board can be packaged together to create multi-axis controllers.

High-Reliability Motor Controller

Honeybee’s High-Reliability Motor Controller is a flexible high-performance architecture designed to accommodate most high-end space applications.

Low-Cost Motor Controller

Honeybee’s Low-Cost Motor Controller is designed to address the microsat and commercial space markets.

Optical Encoder

Honeybee needed an encoder with extremely high performance in a small form factor, and when we couldn’t find what we needed anywhere on the market we designed and built it ourselves.

Power & Signal Transfer

Of all the challenges involved in building a complex mechanism with relative moving parts, routing the electrical connections through that mechanism usually proves to be at the top of the list.


Honeybee Robotics has been developing actuators for demanding space environments for over 25 years.