Limited Angle Torque Motors

With high torque-to-mass ratio and simple control methods, Limited Angle Torque Motors (LAT’s) or Rotary Switches are ideal for high-response precision control systems with limited angular range.

Cogless Direct Drive Motors

Space Rated Cog-less and Conventional Direct Drive Motors are ideal for precision applications where large through bore must be maximized, torque ripple disturbances must be minimized or the drive configuration does not allow for a geared actuator.

Brushless DC Motors

Housed Brushless DC Motors are much more efficient and capable of driving high load inertias, compared to Stepper Motor Actuators.

Stepper Motors

With high torque-to-mass ratio and simple control methods, stepper motors are the motor of choice for many incremental control applications in the space industry.

Custom Mechanisms

At Honeybee Robotics we pride ourselves on bringing a breadth and depth of technical expertise to the table in close collaboration with our customers, and we have leveraged this approach to develop various specialized and high-performance subsystems over the years.

Attitude Control Systems

Honeybee Robotics’ Microsat CMG modules are a cutting-edge Attitude Control System (ACS) for small satellites in the 5-150 kg range (e.g. CubeSat to Microsat).

Solar Array Drive Assemblies

For more than a decade, Honeybee Robotics has been leading designer and manufacturer of Solar Array Drive Assemblies (SADA’s).

Biaxial Gimbals

Honeybee Robotics has a long history of developing high-performance multi-axis mechanisms that just aren’t available anywhere else.

Eddy Current Dampers

The Avior advanced Eddy Current Damper (ECD) provides higher damping per unit volume, with lower mechanical and total static friction than competing technologies.

Friction Brakes

The Avior line includes a set of friction brake modules used to hold the output rotation of a DC motor.