Infrastructure Systems
Infrastructure Systems

With over 30 years of experience developing advanced robotic systems for the space, defense, petrochemical, and other industries, we can provide the expertise to design an end-to-end robotic system for your application. For space systems, we leverage our vertical integration and build upon our suite of flight-qualified motion control products. For military and industrial systems, we leverage the technologies developed for the remote space environment to enable remote operations and process automation to improve safety, increase reliability, and decrease operational costs. Expertise in perception-based control and other advanced control technologies enables semi-autonomous and fully autonomous control of robotic assets, even in applications with extensive communications latency, such as operations in cislunar space.

Operating Where Others Can’t

Honeybee’s Infrastructure Systems group creates products that are fit for purpose and meet end user specifications. Applications of our technologies range from in-space manufacturing, structures assembly and refueling, to advanced surgical systems, to robotic inspection and maintenance solutions for pipelines and industrial facilities.

Our approach to product development involves close collaboration with future customers to ensure our solutions deliver meaningful value and the full range of capabilities that matter most to end users.

If your business has a challenge that can’t be addressed with existing technologies, contact us today for a consultation.