In-Space Manipulation Systems
In-Space Manipulation Systems

Next-generation spacecraft will be supported by advanced robotic systems, optimized for the on-orbit environment, to assemble, repair, and maintain this infrastructure. Every robotic system embedded on a spacecraft needs to have high reliability and high performance. Robotic systems supporting NewSpace and next-generation National Security Space platforms also need to be scalable to evolve with platforms and business models, resilient to ensure reliable operations, and cost-effective – all while leveraging as much flight heritage as possible.

In addition to producing a complete line of spacecraft motion control components, we are also experts at robotic systems development. That’s why we are investing in the development of a modular, scalable, robotic manipulation system architecture. We have full control over technical, cost, and schedule risks since we are vertically-integrated and maintain control of critical building blocks such as motors, sensors, electrical signal transfer, and control electronics.

From smallsats to commercial space stations, our scalable architecture allows you to construct the robotic manipulation system that fits your platform while leveraging Honeybee’s motion control component flight heritage and existing production lines.

Need a robotic systems supplier? We can act as your robotics subcontractor to design and deliver a complete robotic manipulation system for your spacecraft.

Need a robotic components supplier? We can deliver our Flight Modular Joint  while your engineering team maintains ownership and control over the manipulation system design and integration.

Need robotics or motion control expertise? We can complement your development team with our subject matter experts to help inform early architecture and design decisions.

Domain Expertise

Control Electronics

Honeybee Robotics has developed and qualified a range of controllers to support our spectrum of actuators and mechanisms.

On-Orbit Satellite Servicing Tools

In support of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Robotic Servicing of Geosynchronous Satellites (RSGS) program, Honeybee created two unique flight subsystems.

Strut Attachment System

The Strut Attachment System provides a common, high-stiffness electromechanical connection architecture for robot
Unlocking New Value in Space Operations

Mission Extension & Repair

The ability to safely and securely extend the lives of costly, mission-critical spacecraft, whether through refueling or repair, is now within the grasp of the satellite industry. By developing cost-effective manipulators with sufficient dexterity to perform high-value missions on orbit, Honeybee is helping to make on-orbit servicing economically feasible.

Docking & Berthing

Future missions involving mating of spacecraft, especially to cislunar and deep space, will require capable, reliable manipulators for berthing modules, supply ships, and human spacecraft. Honeybee can deliver reliable, effective manipulator arms to enable new architectures for a range of missions.

Manufacturing and Assembly

Effective on-orbit manufacturing and assembly requires tight integration of manipulators, end effectors, and control schemes. In addition to Honeybee’s reliable flight-rated mechatronics, our control software is designed to maximize the effectiveness of on-orbit assembly systems by combining supervised autonomy with human-in-the-loop control, even in high-latency applications.