Sample Acquisition and Handling for Science & Exploration
Sample Acquisition and Handling for Science & Exploration

Honeybee Robotics Exploration Systems (EX) has been pioneering hardware for planetary science and exploration for over two decades. Our innovative solutions make it possible for scientists to capture, contain, and analyze planetary regolith samples throughout our Solar System. We’ve designed, built and tested hardware destined for all of the planets between Mercury and Saturn, including the elusive asteroids and comets. We create technology that expands human exploration and enables data collection not possible until now. Sample collection and transfer mechanisms, high tech seals, dust mitigation strategies, pneumatic transfer and metering, and high temperature motors designed to work on the surface of Venus; Honeybee continues to innovate at every opportunity.

You can find our technology on the Mars Phoenix lander, Mars Exploration Rovers Spirit and Opportunity, Mars Curiosity rover, and Mars Perseverance rover. Keep an eye to future missions such as Dragonfly and Martian Moons eXploration (MMX) which will carry Honeybee systems to the moons of our solar system and beyond.

Domain Expertise

Surface Sample Preparation Tools

Honeybee Robotics’ involvement in the space industry was founded on our surface sample preparation tools.

Sensor and Payload Deployment Mechanisms

At Honeybee Robotics Exploration Systems, we are unique in our ability to design novel and out-of-the-box mechanisms to solve the most complex problems in a simple, elegant, low cost and low mass way.

Sample Collection and Transfer

Honeybee Robotics Exploration Systems has enabled the space community to be able to collect a sample and deliver it directly to instruments.


Honeybee Robotics Exploration Systems has extensive experience working with scientists to develop instruments for in-situ scientific analysis.

High-Temperature Motors

Honeybee Robotics’ high-temperature actuators and gearheads enable robotic systems in environments up to 460˚C.

End-To-End Sample Chain

Honeybee Robotics Exploration Systems offers end-to-end solutions for sample collection, handling and delivery for deep space science missions.


Honeybee Robotics Exploration Systems has been developing space drilling technologies alongside NASA for 2 decades.
Complex Problems, Simple Solutions

Honeybee Robotics is AS9100C certified, NASA-approved flight hardware supplier with extensive experience in flexible automation technologies, custom mechanisms, spacecraft electro-mechanical components, and robotic systems and subsystems for the aerospace industry. In addition to our NASA and DOD sponsored R&D, Honeybee also has a legacy of product development for private industry and public utility clients.

We have managed projects from small research and development efforts under the SBIR program to multi-million-dollar flight development efforts. Our large and versatile engineering team include mechanical, electrical, and software engineers who are fluent in design, modeling, and analysis, but are equally comfortable with hands-on assembly, debug, rework, test, flight hardware assembly, and mission support.

We have long-term relationships with a number of expert consultants in select specialties, and our network of trusted suppliers and fabrication service providers ensures that we get the parts we need, when we need them.

Our contribution to space exploration includes Rock Abrasion Tool (RAT) for the twin Mars Exploration Rovers (MER) – first tool to ever to Mars rock, Icy Soil Acquisition Device (ISAD) for the Mars Phoenix – first tool to touch Mars water, Sample Manipulation System (SMS) for the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) rover – first complex sample delivery system, and Dust Removal Tool for the MSL rover – first dedicated rock brushing tool.

Our current projects include Witness Plate Assembly for the Mars2020 mission – the cleanliness hardware to ever fly, Dust Mitigation Tool for the Mars2020 – system to clean tubes off dust, Drill for Acquisition of Complex Organics (DrACO) for the Dragonfly mission – sampling system for Titan, Pneumatic Sampler for the JAXA’s Martian Moons eXploration (MMX) mission, TRIDENT drill for the VIPER rover – first drill to cut into lunar water-ice, PlanetVac sampling system for the CLPS lunar mission and LISTER heat flow probe for the CLPS lunar mission.

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