Control Electronics
Control Electronics

Honeybee Robotics has developed and qualified a number of different controllers to support our spectrum of actuators and mechanisms. Depending on the specific configuration, these controllers offer design features that address the most critical requirements of your application.

    • Single or Multiple Control Channels
    • Stepper or Brushless DC Motor Control
    • FPGA or Microcontroller
    • EEE -INST-002 Level 2 or Level 3 Parts
    • RS-422 and Analog Interfaces
    • Position Feedback using Various Sensor Types
    • Qualified to GEO-level Environments
Control Electronics Products

Multi-Axis Motor Controller

Honeybee’s controller board can be packaged together to create multi-axis controllers.

High-Reliability Motor Controller

Honeybee’s High-Reliability Motor Controller is a flexible high-performance architecture designed to accommodate most high-end space applications.

Low-Cost Motor Controller

Honeybee’s Low-Cost Motor Controller is designed to address the microsat and commercial space markets.