Specialized Components
Specialized Components

In addition to the Avior line of motion control components, Honeybee Robotics is recognized as a leader in certain core technologies that the company has developed over the last 25+ years.

Perhaps first among these is Honeybee’s power transfer technology, which allows electrical power or control signals to be transferred reliably across a routing interface. Twist capsules provide limited rotation while slip rings provide continuous rotation. These devices can be supplied as stand-alone components or specially integrated with other components to minimize mass or volume.

Honeybee’s P-35 Rotary Actuator was specifically designed to be better than competing actuators on the market. For a given load capacity it is smaller, lighter and has a higher stiffness. Integral heaters and thermistors can be used to improve reliability, and a custom integrated position sensor can be used to improve performance. A large-diameter through-hole allows for the pass-through of coaxial joints or cable harnesses, lending itself nicely to integration with a Honeybee twist capsule or slip ring.

On the sensing side of the system, Honeybee’s high-resolution optical encoder achieves a level of performance that is not otherwise available in the market. Originally designed for microsat attitude control applications, this component uses NASA level 1 parts and can operate from -40C to +60C.

Specialized Components Products

Optical Encoder

Honeybee needed an encoder with extremely high performance in a small form factor, and when we couldn’t find what we needed anywhere on the market we designed and built it ourselves.

Power & Signal Transfer

Of all the challenges involved in building a complex mechanism with relative moving parts, routing the electrical connections through that mechanism usually proves to be at the top of the list.


Honeybee Robotics has been developing actuators for demanding space environments for over 25 years.