P-35 Actuator

Honeybee offers the versatile P35 actuator for applications requiring higher output torque and stiffness than our smaller geared motors.

Cogless Direct Drive Motors

Cogless burshless DC (BLDC) motors are ideal for applications requiring low torque disturbance or extremely precise rate control.

Linear Actuators

Whether it's a small positioning device or a high-power thrust vector control system, our stepper or BLDC actuators can be augmented with a lead or ball screw for precision linear motion.

Eddy Current Dampers

Eddy Current Dampers (ECDs) are passive electromagnetic devices that provide controlled damping for systems such as deployable structures and payloads.

Stepper Motors

Stepper motors are a popular choice for applications that require high torque density, simple control, and unpowered holding torque.

Brushless DC Motors

Brushless DC Motors are much more efficient and capable of driving high load inertias, compared to Stepper Motor Actuators.

Friction Brakes

The Avior line includes a set of friction brake modules used to hold the output rotation of a DC motor.


The Avior line includes a set of complementary function devices for use in step verification or servo control systems.


Avior high-efficiency planetary gearing modules feature high grade materials, precision machining tolerances and fully preloaded ball bearing arrangements.